Harry Lada

Working within the scope of advertising, editorial design, print and typography. Multidisciplinary, rooted in emotion, research-led and concept-centered.

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Dr*nk is a pop-up bar that takes mid-cenutry modern flair and combines it with an edgy, left-field approach for the 20-something year old looking for a place for their next night out.

With vibrant digital blue branding for a modern touch and cheeky, playful copy, dr*nk invites the viewer to have fun at whatever limit’s best for them.  

Photos sourced from Bobby Doherty and Sophie Lou Jacobsen.

Final logo and colorways for dr*nk, animated for digital screens.

Retention and aquisition social ads to reach existing customers as well as reaching newer audiences. Aquistion ads promote dr*nk’s appearance at Somrgasburg, a food truck festival, based in Los Angeles, California.  

Dr*nk’s menus are seperated into three sections: Drink, Drank, and Drunk. Beverages are sectioned based off alcohol content percentage.

Customers have a variety of choices when it comes to Dr*nk’s  to-go menu: seltzers, canned win, and non-alcoholic apéritifs. Dr*nk also offers a selection of bottled wines, sourced from Portland, Oregon.

Branded napkins and coasters for the in-store experience. Special edition martini glasses for an at-home dr*nk experience.

Wheatpasted promotional posters advertising dr*nk and their appearance at Smorgsaburg LA.