Harry Lada

Graphic designer working within the scope of advertising, print design, branding, and typography. Multidisciplinary, emotion-driven, research-led and concept centered.

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Indeed Campiagn
‘No One Really Knows’

Long gone are the days of being too afraid to admit that you don’t know what you want to do with your life. In fact, the truth of the reality is no one really knows.

Fully developed campaign for Indeed, targeting members of Gen-Z aged 18-24. Focusing on raising unaided consideration, this campaign positions Indeed as the supportive job search sites that understands a generation filled with uncertainty.

Ad campaign plans book that breaks down strategic insights and decision making rationale. Book includes + highlights statistics derived from a national survey of 1000+ participants.

Fully produced pair of commercials hit on two of Indeed’s benefits to Job Seekers within the Gen-Z demographic: filtering jobs and gaining experience.

Instagram story advertisements serve as campaign promotion assets through paid social spots. These encourage users to understand the skills and values that they can bring to the workforce, even if they might not know it.

Swiping up on stories links to Indeed microsite that expands further on “reasons” viewers are qualified for their job and links users to job listings in their areas that align with their skill.

Out of home travel advertisements target the Gen-Z audience through witty copy and a delicate “work/life” balance mentality.

Digital banner ads utilize motion to further drive thematic creative platform as a way to increase campaign awareness. Click rate is monitored to track campaign KPI goals.

Ben & Jerry’s x Indeed collaboration that features a unique flavor, ‘No One Really Doughs’ and a limited edition tote sold at pop-up events.

The campaign’s ‘business casual’ art direction disrupts the facade of corporate culture. It embodies an honest, candid, and tongue-in-cheek feel of what it means to be an 18 to 24 year old in or entering the workforce today.