Harry Lada

Graphic designer working within the scope of advertising, print design, branding, and typography. Multidisciplinary, emotion-driven, research-led and concept centered.

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Emergency Survival + Disaster Kit

The scenario of the emergency preparedness kit involves a disaster where resources are diminishing and there is damage to infrastructure including roads, energy, and power. The kit is an instructional packaging solution that will provide survival needs for 2 adults to sustain themselves for 3-days until help arrives.

With a collective total of 78 responses, a survey gathered feedback from ages 18 to over 80 years old. This allowed for an insight of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences when it comes to emergency preparedness and assumptions/beliefs.

The emergency preparedness kit was designed with functionality at the forefront of its development. Engineered inside a lunchbox, the kit is compact, portable, and effective for high-stress, on-the-go scenarios.

Packaging within the survival kit was designed to create designated compartments for necessities. Each package detailed components inside in both English and French.

A bilingual information card + booklet in an accordion fold details the purpose of the kit and how to successfully navigate the emergency. Each side provides a step-by-step guide on prioritizing both mental and physical health in the respective language.

The kit was developed, packed, and tested to withstand a two-story drop. This testing was conducted in order to ensure the kit’s durability. The kit’s materials were chosen intentionally to be weatherproof and lightweight.