Harry Lada

Graphic designer working within the scope of advertising, print design, branding, and typography. Multidisciplinary, emotion-driven, research-led and concept centered.

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Le Sol

Le Sol is a hospitality company and members house for like-hearted individuals in Dallas, Texas. They cultivate holistic well-being through emphasizing community, the arts, wellness, creativity, and travel — from membership houses to their events and group travel experiences.

Le Sol’s brand refresh captures the candid, the messiness, and the leisure. With font pairings that combine the decorative with the classic, the new brand identity aims to capture the sense of community in an unfiltered way. 

Full brand identity deck detailing updated design guidelines for Le Sol. Design decision rationale and refresh roll out strategy detailed, making the transition to the new identity seamless  and familiar.

The transition from the previous Le Sol logo started with digital assets first. From there, print materials were updated as need (i.e. merch, coffee cups, etc). For assets such as flyers, event posters/invites and other one-off situations, the use of the new logo to helped solidify the transition within the community.

Type display showcase highlighting how various elements in the Le Sol refresh come together. Formatting utilizes different brand identity attributes while remaining in line to the brand’s promise of intentionality and community.

Hand-drawn illustrations were created as visual assets to supplement the new brand identity. Inspired by leisure and slow living, illustrative elements were drawn to be intentionally imperfect.