Graphic designer working within the scope of advertising, print design, branding, and typography. Multidisciplinary, emotion-driven, research-led and concept centered.

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The Workout — Los Angeles

Founded in 2020 by Nicole Haworth and Ashely Layfield , TWLA is an in person and on-demand workout class that was built with one goal in mind: “Creating a space for those that want to shamelessly feel and be in their bodies, no matter their mood.”

Primary logo lockup in brand guideline colorways for TWLA that reintroduces the brand as fresh, sleek, mature, and sophisticated. Designed to be assertive yet approachable.

Full TWLA brand identity and guidelines deck that details design decision rationale and usage. Designed to be passed onto brand designers for further visual identity usage.

Social post examples showcasing the TWLA brand refresh and how brand identity elements come together for assets that require design.

Business card examples illusrating how typographic selections can be utilized and leveraged in visual elements across different mediums. Use of text should be clean and minimal, with strategic use of surrounding space.

TWLA merchandising harkening back to and taking inspiration from vintage Olympic advertisements.